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Today, 26. November 2020
Valley 910 m -1° 2 km/h SO
Alpine pastures 1.650 m 4 km/h SO
Mountain 1.950 m 5 km/h SO

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2020/21 Opening Times & Dates

28 Nov. 2020 to 11 April 2021, 9 AM to 4 PM
Tauplitz I chairlift from 8:45 AM

Panomax Lawinenstein 1.886 m
Panomax Schneiderkogel 1.765 m

COVID 19 protective measures

for the winter season 2020/21

Exercise in the fresh air has been proven to strengthen the body's defenses and thus skiing promotes health. In order to guarantee safe moments in our extensive skiing area during Corona times, we ask you - in addition to the generally known safety measures (keep your distance, wash your hands, show consideration, stay at home in case of symptoms of illness, ...) - to consider the following things when you visit us:

The Tauplitz, with its 3 entry points for the day's skiing (Tauplitz Ort, Tauplitzalm, Bad Mitterndorf), proves to be ideal for avoiding crowds. In addition, with a total of 8 ticket offices (all of which are outdoors) and additional ski pass issuing points in 10 hotels, we have many sales outlets to avoid large crowds when buying tickets. Our online store also offers you the possibility to load your ski ticket onto an existing KeyCard from home and go directly to the lift.

We regularly disinfect our Mitterstein 8-seater gondola lift, the chair lifts with weather protection hood and all our ski buses with a cold air nebulizer and the mineral disinfectant Anosan®, which has been proven to kill up to 99.99% of all viruses and bacteria. If possible, please keep the windows in the gondola additionally open during the ascent or do not close the weather protection hoods of the chair lifts in order to keep the risk of infection low with plenty of fresh air. Gondola lifts and chair lifts are considered under the current rules as mass transportation and therefore - as in public transportation - if the distance is below the minimum distance the obligation to wear a mouth and nose protector applies.

Mouth and nose protection

Since conventional masks are somewhat impractical for skiing, especially with the headgear on, we recommend covering the mouth and nose area with a scarf or kerchief during lift rides.

At our cash desks we offer you the possibility to purchase a practical and versatile tubular scarf (made of recycled polyester and packed in biodegradable "bags"), which is considered an equivalent alternative to a mask. All ticket purchasers can purchase it at the special price of € 2,- (instead of the regular € 9,-).

We will keep the speed of the lifts as high as possible, the waiting times at the lift entrances and the time spent at the lift itself as short as possible.
At all important points in the skiing area we will create the possibility for hand disinfection.
Our staff is constantly being instructed in the currently valid protective measures and is available to answer any questions. At our info screens you can also inform yourself about all current rules and developments.

We are looking forward to a beautiful and safe winter season with you.

We ask you to take these guidelines into account and look forward to a safe and above all enjoyable winter season with you here on the Tauplitz.

The Tauplitz, with all the conditions and circumstances we have always stood for, proves to be the ideal winter sports resort, even (and especially) in Corona times.

Your Tauplitz Team.

No risk when buying season tickets

In the event of a new official order to close all ski areas in the snow bear network together due to the corona virus, we will grant a refund.

Under the following conditions a refund can be applied for:

All ski areas of the Snow Bear Card (Die Tauplitz - Ski Riesneralm - Planneralm - Loser- Altaussee - Kaiserau) are officially closed at the same time during the winter season (4.12.2020 to 5.4.2021). You have used your season ticket on less than 13 days.

If these two conditions apply, you will receive:

40% for 31 to 60 closed days and

more than 60 closed days 60% of the original purchase price.

If none of the snow bear areas can be used during the entire winter season 2020/21, you will be refunded the entire purchase price.

Requests for refunds should be made in writing between 12.4.2021 and 31.5.2021 to the respective sales outlet. Applications received after this deadline cannot be considered.

We are looking forward to welcoming you again next winter in our ski resorts.

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