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The current weather

Today, 23. April 2024
Valley 910 m -4° 9 km/h O
Alpine pastures 1.650 m -1° 9 km/h O
Mountain 1.950 m -7° 10 km/h O

Lift hours

24th June to 10th September 2023
8:30 a.m. – 12.00 a.m.
13.00 p.m. - 16.30 p.m.
daily, in case of good hiking weather

Today there is no cable car in operation.
Outside the opening times of the 4-seater chairlift, the Tauplitzalm can be reached daily from Bad Mitterndorf along the Tauplitzalm Alpenstraße, which is subject to a fee.

150 cm snow depth

Summer 2024 Opening Times & Dates

22nd June to 8th September 2024
8:30 a.m. – 12.00 a.m.
1.00 p.m. - 4.30 p.m.

daily, in case of good hiking weather

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Hiking and Walking on the Tauplitzalm

A gigantic alpine garden of pure happiness

The Tauplitzalm is the biggest lake plateau in Central Europe and essentially an enormous alpine garden. Here, you can enjoy the imposing panoramas and exhilarating outdoor experiences – on beautifully maintained footpaths and hiking trails certain to appeal to “Sunday hikers” and intrepid mountaineers alike

If you want to restore harmony to your soul, simply let your legs work the magic! That’s why we recommend riding the quad chairlift up to idyllic Tauplitzalm village, where, at 1650 m above sea level, your hiking adventures can begin. With your legs still fresh thanks to the lift ride, you have a full range of routes to choose from: beautiful hiking paths with no strenuous climbs, challenging mountaineering tours for alpinists, along with gentle strolls on nicely surfaced pathways amid alpine pastures for families, children, seniors and anyone in the mood for a more leisurely experience – in some cases, the paths are also suitable for prams or wheelchairs. No matter what you are in the mood to experience here with us, you will quickly discover: One day spent at the Tauplitzalm is every bit as beneficial as an entire extended weekend spent elsewhere.  

Purple rhododendron, fragrant mountain air, beautifully maintained pathways

In springtime and summer, the Tauplitzalm is transformed into an iridescent sea of alpine flowers: purple rhododendron, velvety blue gentian, daphne and globe daisies blooming by the million. While in autumn, the larch trees on the mountainsides are adorned in gently shimmering gold. In the meantime, circle two or three mountain lakes, take a deep breath and enjoy the panoramic views to your heart’s content. Our beautifully maintained footpaths and hiking trails can be tackled in easy stages, even suitable for prams and wheelchairs as far as the huts on the Steirersee. Our tip: the Steirersee-Bankerl – a popular lookout point with magnificent views of the legendary Sturzhahn, a peak first climbed by mountaineering icon Heinrich Harrer.  

Easy arrival, helpful employees, feelings of complete freedom

Even while you are still in the valley, you can already begin to enjoy the sense of total freedom awaiting you in the mountains high above. Leave your vehicle parked on the car park in Tauplitz, then enjoy a pleasant, eco-friendly ride on the quad chairlift up to idyllic Tauplitzalm village. The lifts will also transport your pram, wheelchair and dog, while our employees are happy to lend a hand with your equipment.  


Großsee – Märchensee – Tauplitzsee

easy hike
Dauer1 h, 1650 m
Höhenmeter92 m
Höhenmeter85 m


Steirerseebankerl – Steirersee View

Wanderungeasy hike
Dauer1 h, 1650 m
Höhenmeter64 m
Höhenmeter64 m



Wanderungmoderate hike 
Dauer1 h, 1765 m
Höhenmeter215 m
Höhenmeter215 m



Wanderungmoderate hike
Dauer3.5 h, 1965 m
Höhenmeter428 m
Höhenmeter428 m

Steirersee Schwarzensee Leistalm

Steirersee – Schwarzensee – Leistalm and return

Wanderungmoderate hike
Dauer3.5 h, 1650 m
Höhenmeter335 m
Höhenmeter335 m

to Tauplitz

Hike to Tauplitz

Wanderungeasy hike
Dauer2 h, 1650 m
Höhenmeter0 m
Höhenmeter732 m



mittlere Wanderungmoderate hike
Dauer1.5 h, 1307 m
Höhenmeter253 m
Höhenmeter253 m

Bad Mitterndorf

to Bad Mitterndorf

mittlere Wanderungmoderate hike
Dauer4 h
Höhenmeter8 m
Höhenmeter852 m


Krallersee – Steirerseebankerl

leichte Wanderungeasy hike
Dauer2.5 h, 1650 m
Höhenmeter109 m
Höhenmeter109 m

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