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Day Tours

1. Around the Großsee - Märchensee
Hotel Berghof - Steirerhof - northern slopes via Grashütten, east slope of the Schneiderkogel - to the Märchensee - and on to the Öderntörl. Views of the Ödernalm/Bad Mitterndorf and the Totes Gebirge. Return - Märchensee - north shores of the Großsee  and via the Schnittlauchmoos - hike up to the department store, 1 - 1.5 hours. Or below the Naturfreundehaus to the Grazerhütte and the high-country path, returning to the mountain station.
Walking time: 2 hours

2. Hike Steirersee - Bankerl - Steirerseeblick
Heading east via the pathway or across alpine meadows, past the Tauplitzsee to the Sterngassl, branch off to the left, 200 m to the Steirersee lookout point and the Archduke John memorial plaque, back to the Sterngassl and continue to the Steirerseehütten. Return along the pathway to the Linzer Tauplitzhaus and, finally, to the summit station.
Walking time: 1 hour

3. Hike to the Schneiderkogel, 1762m
Hotel Berghof - Grashütten - steep ridgeline ascent (200m). Ridge hike to the Bauernscharte. Splendid panoramic views of the Totes Gebirge - Grundlsee - Dachstein-Tauern. Descent via alpine pastures to Alpenhotel Aurora and Familienhotel Hierzegger, and via Großseehang to the mountain station of the lifts. 
Walking time: 2 - 2.5 hours

4. Hike to the Lawinenstein 1965m
Heading west, Hotel Berghof-Steirerhof via the Großseehang slopes or the pathway to the Hollhaus. Hike up via the ski slopes to the summit, panoramic views of the Grimming - Hohe & Niedere Tauern - Dachstein - Totes Gebirge - valley views of Bad Mitterndorf and Grundlsee.
Walking time: 2 - 3 hours, or as an all-day outing.
Marked as ÖAV path No. 274.

5. Hike to Steirersee - Schwarzensee - Leistalm
Heading east along the path or across alpine pastures, past the Hotel Alpenrose - mountain church - Tauplitzsee - Sterngassl - Steirersee huts, turning left via the southern slopes of the Steirersee to the Schwarzensee and on to the Leistalmhütte (not always staffed). Return from Schwarzensee - via col trail No. 218 or hike down to the Steirersee and, left of the lake shore, make a steep descent to the Steirersee huts (200m) and the alpine plateau
Walking time: 3 - 4 hours.
Marked as ÖAV path No. 218.

6. Hike to the Traweng 1981m
Heading east - along the pathway to the big Grazer-Marburgerhütte bend. Steep climb between the Grazer and Marburger huts across scree (good shoes required) to the summit - ridge hike - descend via the same route. Magnificent panoramic views.
Walking time: 2 - 3 hours
Marked as path No. 276.

7. Hike to Tauplitz
Lift mountain station to the church, branching off to the right and heading south. Via the pathway - Haberlreit - Russenreit to the mid-station of the lifts - Tauplitz village. Walking time: 1.5 hours. Marked as Trail No. 276, or take the right-hand Russenreit turn-off to the Brentenmöser-Alm, hiking up via the ski slope to the Hollhaus car park
Walking time: 2 - 3 hours. Ride the lift back, Tauplitz - Tauplitzalm. 4.2 km. Last valley ride: 4:30 pm

8. Hike via the Steirersee Huts to Tauplitz
Heading east via the pathway or alpine meadows - Sterngassl to the Steirersee huts, turn right onto Trail No. 275, descend across the southern slopes to the Gnanitz road, continue towards town, outdoor pool - tennis courts
Walking time: 2 - 3 hours. Ride the lifts back up to the high country.
Marked as paths No. 218 and 275

9. Krallersee- hike via the eastern slopes
Hotel Berghof - Großsee  - Familienhotel Hierzegger and Hotel Zand via the eastern slopes of the Krallersee up to the Lawinenstein. Return via Lawinenstein-ski run - Hollhaus - through the larch forest to the Hotel Berghof.
Walking time: 2.5 hours.