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Terms & Conditions

General: The sales outlets for our ski passes are our ticket offices (Tauplitz valley station, Lawinenstein, Mitterstein and the toll station in Bad Mitterndorf). We only transport people with a valid ski pass. The ski pass is an I.D. issued to a specific person and is not transferrable. Upon the request of our staff, the holder of the ski pass must present it and allow him- or herself to be identified. Subsequent exchanges or extension of the period of validity are not permitted. The resale of vouchers and ski passes is likewise prohibited. In general, we cannot replace lost ski passes. 

Misuse, penalty: Any misuse of the ski pass (including passing it on to a third party, provision of false age category etc.) will result in the ski pass being confiscated, the holder being compelled to purchase a one-day ski pass, along with a fine in the amount of twice the regular daily price. We also reserve the right to press charges under suspicion of subreption of services (§ 149 of the Austrian Criminal Code) or fraud (§ 146 of the criminal code).

Close of business and slope grooming: We're only responsible for the safety in our own skiarea Die Tauplitz. Our ski slopes are closed in the period from 5 pm until 8 am. During this time, slope-maintenance vehicles (some attached to cable winches) and snow canons are in operation. Avalanche blasting will also be conducted. This is why use of the ski slopes and routes during this time is hazardous and prohibited.

Discounts: Discounts are only available to guests with valid identification (student I.D., handicapped pass). The following groups of people have the right to discounts from us: small children (born 2014 or later, ride free when accompanied by a parent), children (born 2004 or later), youths (born 2003, 2002 and 2001), students and U25 (born after 1994) and handicapped persons classified as having an over 70% disability.

Injuries and reimbursement: Accidents with injuries have to be announced immediately. Only in the event of an accident involving the ski-pass holder, with substantial injury as a consequence, may result in reimbursement, and only if accompanied by a physician's attestation and presented at our ticket offices. Days of actual use will be calculated as the day the pass was issued until the day it is returned at the ticket office. If the pass is returned by 10 am, that particular day will not be included. For family members of the injured person, no reimbursement will be provided. Premature departure, illness etc. do not constitute grounds to claim reimbursement. There is a charge of € 120,- for rescue-works.

Low season: If part of the period of validity falls within the low season, we will calculate a price which takes into account both rates.

Suspension of operations: Heavy snowfall,  acts of nature (avalanche danger, storms, bad weather and similar), unforeseeable technical deficiencies and safety reasons entitle us to close our facilities and ski slopes. Suspension of activities in no way constitutes a right to reduced pricing or to reimbursement for the purchased ski pass.

Use of photographs: By accepting the ski pass, the customer agrees to the automatic registration and person-specific, photographic collection, storage and processing of personal information in entrance areas for control purposes and to avoid misuse of tickets.

KeyCard deposit: We issue all ski passes on reusable keycards, for which we collect a security deposit of € 2 (not included in the price of the lift ticket), which the holder will be refunded whenever the ski pass is returned in undamaged condition.