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The current weather

Today, 16. June 2024
Valley 910 m 12° 7 km/h N
Alpine pastures 1.650 m 17° 9 km/h NO
Mountain 1.950 m 10° 6 km/h N

Lift hours

22nd June to 8th September 2024
8:30 a.m. – 12.00 a.m.
13.00 p.m. - 16.30 p.m.
daily, in case of good hiking weather

Today there is no cable car in operation.
Outside the opening times of the 4-seater chairlift, the Tauplitzalm can be reached daily from Bad Mitterndorf along the Tauplitzalm Alpenstraße, which is subject to a fee.

0 cm snow depth

Summer 2024 Opening Times & Dates

22nd June to 8th September 2024
8:30 a.m. – 12.00 a.m.
1.00 p.m. - 4.30 p.m.

daily, in case of good hiking weather

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Frequently Asked Questions

TOLLS? Is it accurate that, if you want to explore the surrounding area by car, you always have to pay when you drive down and when you return again later??

If you have a valid ski pass (one or multiple days or a Schneebären Card, Super Ski Card or Steiermark Joker), the toll charges for the Tauplitzalm Alpine Road are included. Parking charges are collected by Tauplizalm Alpine Road.

We will be spending this winter holiday up at the “Alm”. What should we be aware of when we arrive by car? And what are the toll and parking charges?

The toll charge is €12 per vehicle if you do not have a valid ski pass for that particular day. All ski passes can also be bought at the tollgate. The charge for overnight parking on the Tauplitzalm car park is €4.50 and is collected by the attendant on the Tauplitzalm Alpine Road.

Is there a map of the cross-country trail at the Tauplitzalm on the Internet and is it correct that there is a charge for using the trail?

The new winter panorama also shows the ski trail on Die Tauplitz. The charge for using the ski trail on the “Alm” is *per day/person € 5,- * for 3 consecutive days € 13,- and for 7 days € 28,-

TOLL CHARGES: How much is the toll (if you are staying at the Tauplitzalm), can you drive down to pick up somebody at the tollgate without having to pay again? We will be up there for 7 days, are there discounts?

If you have a valid ski pass (one or multiple days, or a season pass), the toll charges for the Tauplitzalm Alpine Road are included. Parking charges are collected by Tauplizalm Alpine Road. www.alpenstrasse.at

In other ski areas, I see snowcats in operation all day long. In 12 days here, I encountered a snowcat on the Lawinenstein just one time, that seems to me to be too little!

Our pistes are all groomed in the evening, even if it is snowing, as well as in the morning after around 4 AM until the lifts begin to run and sometimes for approximately one hour afterwards. While the pistes are being used by skiers, we are unable to drive on the pistes because, in years past, there have been a number of accidents involving collisions between skiers or snowboarders and piste maintenance equipment. Two years ago, for example, a skier in Wagrain was actually killed in such an incident! That said, daytime skiers will occasionally have to do their part to “plow” the freshly fallen new snow. Thanks for understanding!

A new feeder lift from the Hollhaus car park is intended to provide a quick way to reach the pistes. Where exactly does it go?

The new, longer lift replaces the old “N” lift (see piste map) running from the Hollhaus car park to the piste (not to the actual Hollhaus).

I’ve heard that the Krallersee run is now going to be groomed. But isn’t it the many variant options that make the new Tauplitz so attractive?

1) Of course, most of the Krallersee eastern slope will remain variant terrain as it has always been, also featuring plenty of moguls. An area of roughly 15 m in width will be groomed when the snow conditions are right and when the entire Krallersee eastern slope is several hundred meters wide. In powder snow conditions (deep snow), it will be left as is for skiers’ enjoyment and will not be groomed immediately. I think we have created an opportunity for all guests to discover the skiing experience they are personally looking for. 

2) By removing the Krallersee tow lift we have gained additional space for skiing and turned the area along the former lift line into a ski run, though in deep-snow conditions we initially leave the snow untouched for the pure joys of terrain skiing; Only when this area is chewed up will we move in with our winches and equipment. In doing so, we are consistent with the tried-and-true approach that has been used on the Schneiderkogel. Your comment pleased us immensely, since it draws attention to the natural merits of Die Tauplitz. There is barely a slope in the Eastern Alps that can measure up with the Krallersee eastern slope in terms of sporting challenges. The rest of the mountainside away from the newly adapted former lift line will continue to be left ungroomed, as our operations manager Mr. Huber has already pointed out. Our tip: Take a fresh new look at the Krallersee eastern slope! In deep snow, this piste isn’t groomed, with skiers and boarders left to their own devices. The entire width of the Krallersee eastern slope is open to skiers (several hundred meters), and only an area 20 m wide will ever be groomed to create piste conditions, the rest remaining a paradise of undulating terrain. 

Isn’t it a bit risky to do as you have done and promote skiing away from the pistes? Does anybody inspect the terrain – and what if something happens?

It is certainly no hidden secret that DIE TAUPLITZ - a ski area above the tree line – features a very large number of variety-packed routes away from the pistes. TERRAIN ROUTES AREN’T REGULAR PISTES that have to be maintained, inspected and monitored; Terrain skiers enjoy their adventures at their own risk! Everybody knows that, and that’s why we don’t supply any further information on our website.

Can anybody tell me the best place at Die Tauplitz for me and my family to rent skis and boots between Christmas and New Year’s?

Please consider our ski schools: In Tauplitz, we can recommend Vasold ski rentals Tel +43 3688 2137 or +43 3688 2337 at the mountain valley station as well as Mountaction ski rentals +43 36882737 in Tauplitz village. In Bad Mitterndorf, we cooperate with the ski rental department of Neuper & Team Ski School +43 36232666.

When are snowshoe hikes offered and where can I rent out snowshoes?

A number of businesses rent snowshoes including Mount Action ski school. You can also participate in guided tours. 
+43 3688 2737

How do you reach the alpine cross-country trails?

You can reach the alpine cross-country trail either via the 10 km long Tauplitzalm Alpine Road (a toll road) via Bad Mitterndorf, with trail access located right next to the car park at 1600 m above sea level, or by riding up 2 sections of the quad chairlift (equipped with all-weather bubbles, 4 km long) from the village of Tauplitz, with trail access in this case near the mountain terminal at 1650 m. The alpine trail itself is gently undulating with practically no major climbs or downhills, partially through larch forest and partially through open terrain across the Tauplitzalm high plateau. Simply give it a try and enjoy nature!

Actually, your best option is to take the No. 1 piste via the Tauplitz N run, at which point you are only a few steps away. It is useful to head for the piste that begins at the mountain terminal of the Lärchkogellift. The ski path beginning at the mountain terminal of the Tauplitz Lift / Section II is not always recommended. Which is why it isn’t emphasized on our piste map. In addition, there is another route (not a regular piste) alongside a drainage channel, that we might potentially develop as another ski run.

What are snow conditions like at the beginning of April?

A normal winter at the Tauplitzalm has approximately 12 to 15 m of precipitation in the form of snow, which then settles and compacts so that, by the end of March, we have approximately 3.5 to 4 m of snow on the ground. Because of its northerly exposure, large accumulations of snow are normal at the Tauplitzalm. At the beginning of April, we can have everything from powder snow to firn conditions. Above elevations of 1500 m, you can count on good snow conditions until the end of the season.

What are snow conditions like at the beginning of January?

Normally, we have at least 1 m of snow on the ground in January. Because of our geographic location on the northern slopes, we regularly get between 12 and 15 m of snow in a regular winter, which then compacts, allowing us to achieve a total snow depth of roughly 4 m. 

How many chairlifts does Die Tauplitz have?

We have one 6-seater chairlift with all-weather protection, 2 quad chairlifts with all-weather bubbles as well as another quad chairlift, AND as of the 2010/11 season, an 8-passenger gondola on the Mitterstein.

Where is the Funpark?

We listened to what the local boarders had to say, since they prefer to make use of the many natural kickers and runs. Just take a look at the many possibilities you have, starting with freeriding.

Where is the Grafenwiesenlift?

The Grafenwiesenlift is in Tauplitz ca. 500 m above the valley station of the quad chairlift, right next to Tauplitz Piste No. 1. It is clearly shown on the middle panorama!

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