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25th June to 11th September 2022
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Panomax Lawinenstein 1.886 m
Panomax Schneiderkogel 1.765 m

Tauplitz – hiking in the heart of Austria

panoramic views, clean mountain air and abundant sunshine

Tauplitz has something special in store for every avid mountaineer and nature lover: beautiful hiking routes alongside six lakes, mountain tours lasting several hours for experienced hikers, and easy walks across alpine pastures for everyone in the mood for a more laid-back outdoors experience. Whatever you want to experience, imposing panoramas, clean mountain air and feelings of complete freedom are always included

The Tauplitzalm, with its six lakes, is the biggest lake plateau in Central Europe – and essentially an enormous alpine garden with something for every mountain fan and nature lover: beautiful hiking routes alongside lakes, flower-strewn meadows and sparse forests of larch trees. Though also challenging mountain tours for alpinists and easy walks across the high pastures for families, children, seniors and everyone else who wants to take things at a more leisurely pace. The clarity of the air and water, the soothing green setting, abundant sunshine and 360° panoramic views of hundreds of mountain peaks all around – one day spent here amid the landscapes of the Tauplitz is every bit as beneficial as an entire extended weekend elsewhere. 

360° panoramic views, amazing natural spectacle, magical alpine flowers

Tauplitz is known above all for its impressive panoramic views: the mighty Grimming enthroned above Ennstal, the famous Dachstein massif and the steep karst walls of the Totes Gebirge – wherever you look, you are greeted by an amazing natural spectacle! In early summer, the meadows on the Tauplitzalm are transformed into an iridescent sea of alpine flowers, with purple rhododendron, velvety blue gentian, hellebore, Carthusian pink, globularia and countless others blooming by the million. 

Abundant sunshine, refreshing interludes, hearty delicacies

You will also be bathed in sunshine on the Tauplitzalm and, if ever on occasion you crave additional refreshment for body, mind or soul, you shouldn’t hesitate to jump into one of the lakes (at your own risk!). Some of them are especially well suited for splashing about with your kids or a dog. After spending time in the good mountain air, you are certain to work up an appetite and will need something hearty in your stomach. Fortunately, our hut hosts know precisely what will hit the spot for our mountaineering heroes and nature lovers. Our many trailside huts serve up a delicious selection of full-flavored foods along with a cheerful, high-spirited atmosphere certain to captivate your heart.  

Clean air, invigorating climate, deep cleansing breaths

Above 1650 m, the air is amazingly clean and pure – sometimes, due to the wild herbs growing everywhere on the meadows, it is particularly fragrant. On the Tauplitzalm, the climate is extraordinarily beneficial for people dealing with bronchial ailments or allergies, where they are able to take welcome deep breaths once again: Mountain air is free of house dust mites, while pollen levels are very, very low. Incidentally: Taking a timeout from allergens is the most effective form of therapy there is. 

Quad chairlift, iconic mountain personalities, feelings of freedom

The feelings of mountain freedom you are able to experience on the Tauplitz, actually begin while you are still in the valley. Our tip: Leave your vehicle on the big car park in Tauplitz, board the quad chairlift, then enjoy a pleasant, eco-friendly ride all the way up to idyllic Tauplitzalm village. The lifts also transport prams, wheelchairs and dogs, while our employees are happy to lend a hand with your gear. As iconic mountain personalities such as the Lawinenstein, Schneiderkogel, Traweng, Sturzhahn, Tragln and Totes Gebirge gradually emerge before your eyes, it won’t take you long to realize: On the Tauplitz, you are about to enjoy a hiking adventure second to none.

Krallersee, Großsee, Märchensee, Tauplitzsee, Steirersee, Schwarzensee – heart-warmingly beautiful 6-Lakes Hike!Krallersee, Großsee, Märchensee, Tauplitzsee, Steirersee, Schwarzensee – heart-warmingly beautiful 6-Lakes Hike!

6-Lakes Hike

Walking and hiking on the Tauplitzalm, a leisurely stroll across alpine pastures or a challenging mountain hike, your thoughts as free as a bird!Walking and hiking on the Tauplitzalm, a leisurely stroll across alpine pastures or a challenging mountain hike, your thoughts as free as a bird!

Walking & Hiking

Alpinists also find their own corner of heaven on the Tauplitzalm!Alpinists also find their own corner of heaven on the Tauplitzalm!

Mountain Tours for Experienced Hikers

Enjoy the hiking life and breathtaking panoramic views to your heart’s content!

Long-Distance Hikes

On the alpine pastures and mountains surrounding Tauplitz, our hut hosts know precisely what hits the spot for mountaineering heroes & nature lovers. Hearty food, heartfelt hospitality!


Trundle across the Tauplitzalm during a comfortable ride on the tractor-train


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