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27th November 2021 to 18th April 2022
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Panomax Lawinenstein 1.886 m
Panomax Schneiderkogel 1.765 m

Heart-warmingly beautiful: 6-Lakes Hike


AEscape the daily routine? That’s definitely possible on the Tauplitzalm, and especially if you take the 6-Lakes Hike: panoramic views, rhododendron blossoms by the millions, gentian and Carthusian pink, abundant sunshine and pure mountain air – all of this on family-friendly pathways and easily manageable stages. And if you are willing to brace yourself along the way: invigorating refreshment in one of the lakes

At an elevation of 1650 m, the Tauplitzalm is the highest lake plateau in Central Europe, offering some very easy hiking alongside each of the six lakes. The clarity of the water, the soothing green of the alpine meadows and the broad expanses of sky: On the Tauplitz, you will sense the true meaning of lightness and freedom.

Millions of blossoms, purple rhododendron, fragrant wild herbs

In springtime and summer, the Tauplitzalm is transformed into an iridescent sea of alpine flowers: purple rhododendron, velvety blue gentian, daphne and globe daisies blooming by the million. Wild thyme and other meadow herbs captivatingly fragrant in the mountain air, countless Carthusian pink, hellebore and anemones peeping out from between the rocks. And in autumn, the larch trees on the mountainsides adorned in gently shimmering gold. 

360° panoramic views, excellent trail network, family-friendly

The footpaths and hiking trails along the 6 lakes are extensive and well-maintained: You can walk them in multiple stages and, in many cases, they are also pram- and wheelchair friendly. Panoramic views of the mighty Grimming and the legendary Sturzhahn, which was first climbed by mountaineering icon Heinrich Harrer, make this tour a truly unique experience. For the entire 6-Lakes Hike, you should plan on taking roughly 5 hours. If you decide to make a detour to the Leistalm (very rewarding!), you will need one additional hour. Short stages taking roughly 1 hour or so are also possible. 


Easy Hike

Time & Distance

1 to 5 h


472 m


465 m


in parts

Route Description: Krallersee - Großsee - Märchensee - Tauplitzsee - Steirersee - Schwarzensee

If you arrive in Tauplitz village on the quad chairlift, you will take the route heading west to the Krallersee: This is a dark, shimmering moorland lake at the foot of the Lawinenstein, on whose shores dragonflies put on a spectacular display and where you might even hear the frogs put on a concert on your behalf. You will now continue east – to the Großsee, where many visitors like to spend some time and feed the gabbling ducks. Just a few minutes’ walk farther along and you will come to the romantic Märchensee, an emerald-green natural gem. If you continue hiking east, you will come to the Tauplitzsee – yet another moorland lake – then to the Steirersee, site of the so-called Steirersee-Bankerl, a popular lookout point. You will definitely find it worth your while to sit down here as you take in the panoramic view of the legendary Sturzhahn. This 2031 m-tall mountain was first climbed by mountaineering icon Heinrich Harrer. As far as the Steirersee-Bankerl, the 6-Lakes Hike is very pram- and wheelchair friendly, while delicious snacks are served at various huts by the lake. If you decide to continue hiking, you will walk along the south shore of the Steirersee as far as the Schwarzensee: This lake’s crystal-clear water invites you to refresh body, mind and soul. To the east of this lake, you may wish to hike up to the Leistalm – adding roughly one hour to your hike, it is very rewarding. Return via the same route back to the mountain station in Tauplitzalm village.

The quad chairlift: We are also happy to transport your pram, wheelchair, bike or dog !

The liberating mountain feeling you experience up at the Tauplitz already begins in the valley. Our tip: Leave your car at the big parking lot in Tauplitz, then enjoy a pleasant, eco-friendly ride on the quad chairlift – floating all the way up to idyllic Tauplitzalm village. As iconic mountain personalities such as the Lawinenstein, Schneiderkogel, Traweng, Sturzhahn, Tragln and Tote Gebirges emerge before your eyes, it quickly becomes apparent: On the Tauplitz, you are in for an unbridled hiking adventure. 

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